Our Services

Our Services

At Educlean, we provide unique, tailored solutions to your educational facilities. This might simply include carpet cleaning or customised hygiene services, or extend to full facilities management. Regardless of your specific needs, we’re the partner who can get them done for you.

No stress. No fuss. Just services that let you focus on your core business without worry.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Educlean’s experienced professionals provide fast, thorough carpet and fabric cleaning for your educational facility. We use a cutting-edge hot water extraction method and emulsifying agents combined with the latest equipment to guarantee your carpets and fabrics will be cleaned to the highest standards.

We know services can be disruptive, so we can coordinate your work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also utilise industrial drying equipment to keep downtime at a minimum. Our goal is to respond to your needs with the least amount of disruption to your staff and students.

Hygiene Services

We can supply and maintain a full suite of hygiene solutions, including equipment and services. We’ll ensure every piece of equipment is kept in a sanitary condition and serviced by specially-trained staff. And as part of your tailored facilities plan, we’ll organise timely checks and maintenance to maintain the health and safety of your staff and students.


We have wholesale arrangements with the leading washroom and facilities suppliers in Australia. So, when you buy your consumables through us, we pass those savings on to you, saving you money and worry at the same time. 

We also supply a full range of green and recycled products and can provide you with certification that aligns with your initiative to implement environmentally friendly products. 


At Educlean the security of your premises are of paramount importance, and securing your educational facilities requires an integrated, tailored approach.

We’ll create a security solution that incorporates the layout of your property, your equipment, services and staff and the specific challenges that you face. We can implement security solutions that include lock up and unlock services, access control, monitored alarms, emergency response planning and training, CCTV and more. 

We’ll help you set up whatever you need to reassure yourself, your staff and your students that your facilities are safe, supported and secure.

Waste and Recycling Management

Waste management is an essential part of managing your facilities. We offer a comprehensive and innovative range of solutions tailored to your needs, implemented by our experts and monitored daily. We will report to you on a regular schedule so that you can track the effectiveness of your waste and recycling solutions.

If you’re not sure what you need, we can also perform an initial waste management audit to confirm what your best solutions might be.

Electrical & Plumbing

At Educlean we work with our clients to provide full-service electrical and plumbing facilities management. This includes in-house qualified and cost-effective testing and tagging from our expert electricians. We also provide high-quality plumbing services such as drain cleaning, thermology inspections, leak detection, backflow testing and hydro excavations.

We provide 24/7 emergency electrical and plumbing services to our clients to ensure your facilities continue to operate at their most efficient. 

Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance services include mowing, brush cutting, edging, pruning, fertilising, weeding, pest control and all waste removal. Our comprehensive offerings means we’re able to provide you with a grounds maintenance plan tailored for your needs. We can also ensure that all your equipment and machinery is well-maintained and properly serviced to save you from expensive downtime.

We’re the educational cleaning experts.

Talk to our friendly team, and discover how a fully licensed and insured cleaning program keeps your educational institution clean, safe and compliant.